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A Heartfelt Nuptial Just for You

I will create magical moments in your wedding ceremony. When you take advantage of my services, you can count on me to deliver a personal and heartfelt nuptial instead of one that is common and standard. My experience has taught me to understand that the perfect wedding takes time, effort, and passion—three attributes that I possess as an officiant.

An Experienced Wedding Officiant

My business has been around since 2007, and I have officiated hundreds of ceremonies for more than 30 years. With my familiarity with nuptials, you can count on me to do everything in my power to make sure you are happy. After all, I am passionate about and love officiating wedding ceremonies. There is nothing else that will warm my heart more than leaving you satisfied with my services.

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Your wedding’s officiant will have the most intimate relationship with you with regards to your wedding ceremony. You should sense a connection, get to know him, and most importantly feel that you can trust him completely. As a couple, you and your fiancé will be in front of family and friends at an incredibly emotional moment and you want someone who can guide you through this time confidently.

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A heartfelt nuptial will be even more special when officiated by Rev. Arland Steen. To help you learn more about me, I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and the answers that I have for them. I will be delighted to serve you as the wedding officiant for your heartfelt nuptial.